EP #50 Lender, Title Company Owner, Serial entrepreneur with Steven Bettinger

Steven Bettinger is the Co-founder and CEO of Acquire Real Estate. Prior to Acquire Real Estate, Steven was the Founding Managing Partner at the Logan Asset Backed Fund, an Asset Based Lending Hedge Fund specializing in Real Estate bridge financing. Steven has been a serial entrepreneur for 22 years and has owned and operated several organizations across multiple industries. Steven is a co-founder and investor in Swift Capital partners, an asset-based lending firm that specializes in the merchant services industry. Steven was also a co-founder and President of Ascendia Brands, the largest manufacturer and distributor of liquid bath products in North America. Steven was also the founder and CEO of Cenuco, a technology company that developed security monitoring software applications for the cell phone industry. In 2011, Steven was chosen for the 40 under 40 rising stars of South Florida.
Steven is a graduate of the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University.

Key Takeaways:

Steven is not just a real estate investor but, he’s also a lender. Steven shares a bit on he got started with real estate. He had no formal education in real estate. Instead, he utilized his marketing skills from his previous job with Ascendia Brands, learned from other real estate investors, and learned on the job. During the financial crisis of 2008, lots of companies, big companies lost a huge sum of money, but Steven was not only able to invest, he invested smartly without losing any money. What makes Steven different from other investors? It’s his ability to navigate his target market smartly. What exactly do real lenders in the finance business want for your real estate? What is the safest way for start-ups to fund their real estate right now? Due to the unstable economic market, funding may be a little hard to secure. Steven tells the safest way start-ups can acquire funding and why. A financial crisis is bound to happen due to the instability of the economy. There’s an equity hit and how can you survive the equity hit? The ability to adjust is important now more than ever. Steven explains how key attributes such as patience can help you in navigating any volatile market.

Mentioned in this episode:

Are you an investor having a hard time deciding on what to invest in and when due to the crisis? Is the lack of buyers causing you to take drastic actions that may affect your business? Learn more about how Steven scales his market and see how we can help you scale your life and business!

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