About Raul Bolufe

I started investing in Real Estate at 21 years old with the hopes of creating a life for me that is in Massive abundance and a bit extraordinary. I never wanted to settle for an “Ordinary” life and I saw this Real Estate investing game as a way to get there. Mainly focusing on Real Estate Investing, I was able to grow my company from humble beginnings into a local established brand. I quickly realized that being the best version of myself, and in essence doing this for other people, was not only my driving force but my ticket to success. Currently, I have some students who I guide through the process with the ultimate goal of helping them grow their own business.

Transaction after transaction, I discovered my passion for helping others achieve success in the industry, specifically those starting from scratch as I did. Having pursued an Economics Degree at Florida International University, I quickly learned that the REAL world school means a lot more. At 25 years old now, I’ve sold over 350 homes, and I own a small rental portfolio of single-family homes. I’m currently operating with a team of 10 people and counting, and I aim to constantly learn so that I may improve the way we help Investors succeed in Real Estate Investing.