About Raul Bolufe

It was the year 2012 and I was working at my father’s Car Dealership as a salesman. Was 18 years old and quite frankly almost making 6 figures per year.
BUT something didn’t feel right, working Sundays and holidays was not my style.
I felt almost burnt out at that age, depleted of my life, and my potential. Really felt like I was on a hamster wheel in some kind of lab experiment and people wearing white lab coats were laughing at me.

One day I came across the Flip2freedom podcast by Sean Terry. THE OG, and it clicked everything changed for me mentally. I then scurried through town and found a local mentor and borrowed money to learn from him
He taught me how to do deals right on MLS and after 3 long months, I found 1. Then that became 3, then 10, and now close to 500. (But who’s counting).

Between wholesaling real estate, flipping, owning rentals this business has brought me as close to freedom as a bald eagle in America flapping its beautiful wings

I’ve been involved in the business world for almost a decade now, and really what fuels me are these 3 crucial things:
1. Impact (Making a difference for our team and clients)
2. Financial Freedom (Let’s do whatever we want)
3. The third is…Ready…. Writing a Biography about myself. I’ve always wanted to do it. Maybe one day they can put me on Netflix right next to “The Office” or “That OJ Simpson one” (Except for the murder part). PS: I will never be even 1% of how great Micheal Scott is.

Now the REAL Me in Bullet Points:

– The first job was being a pool lifeguard. I actually really enjoyed $11 p/h to tell kids to take off their socks in the pool

– I have traveled 1 month completely solo to Indonesia and it was the greatest experience ever

– I actually love to read and do it for 30 minutes per day. (I rather read than eat in the mornings… Weird)

– The book profit first saved me, since I was HORRIBLE at managing money

– If I can play on my DJ controller deep house all day I most certainly would lock myself in a room and do it.

– A goal of mine one day is to travel to Europe and DJ in small clubs for free

– I’m 5’11 and ¾ and actually self-conscience about that quarter-inch I’m missing for the big 6ft

– CEO of Capital Rise Investments which sells cheap fixer-upper properties to investors

– I’m writing this on my Standing desk and treadmill which is my 3rd favorite thing on this earth

– If for some reason I fall of the face of the earth and no one has heard from me I will most likely be living in the Jungles of Tulum Mexico

– I have 1 class (3 credits) left to finish my Bachelor’s Degree in Economics (Sorry Mom)

– I have a younger sister (8 years apart) and a younger brother (22 years apart) that I absolutely adore.