Virtual REI Mastery

Virtual REI Mastery Coaching

Learn how we Make 6 Figures Per year Wholesaling Real Estate Virtually in Any Market

Online (Unlimited) Weekly Calls and Access

Learning how to implement the systems & processes step-by-step to successfully

Set up your SMS, CC, RVM, Mail Marketing

Hire Virtual Employees once you are ready

Close more deals without being salesy

Generate sales leads on autopilot

Find new markets with less competition

Here is what you will get

Inside look at our system we use in our business (screen recording)

Weekly Live Calls and classes

Video Training Library

Spreadsheets & Agreements

Here is what you will get out of the Virtual REI Mastery

An inside look on how to Set up your marketing and sales virtually so you can close deals all over the phone and using wifi in 3 months or less.

This is what we are going to work on together

Business Deep Dive

Take a look at your real estate business and see how your leads are being handled. Are they getting all the options in order to profit as much as you can? Then we will provide a plan of how to have your leads go to your team efficiently with as little confusion and work as possible.

Let’s talk about Marketing

How many leads are you currently getting and how? How much is it costing you? Then we can go over hope to get a lower cost per lead and cost per deal by adding agents to your team to do more with the leads you are getting. Without training Real Estate agents or being licensed.

How to find the right team

Should you hire locally or virtually? What are good salaries or commissions to pay? Who should I hire first? I am doing this by myself and can’t afford to hire someone yet? We will fill in all those gaps and more.

Compensation, setting up a pay structure that is easy and profitable

This one will surprise you of how easy and simple it is. We will go over different models we have tried and how to create one for you that makes your agents and wholesale agents excited to work together.


Here we will go over the metrics we use to track each team member and part of the business that will only take an estimated of 1-3 hours per week to measure. Why it is important for your team to be held accountable but how to do it in a way that no matter if you are introverted or hate talking to people it works! (Scripts and videos included to demonstrate)

Virtual Wholesale Final Model

Why Wholesale is still amazing business model.

If you are looking to only Wholesale to make cash thats great. Or you might be looking to wholesale and purchase properties for rental. Fix and flip. Creating this set up will allow you to make cash and cherry pick the best deals if you want to.

Here is what else you will get

Our Wholesale blueprint on how to do everything virtually from home or anywhere else in the world

Marketing channels for low Cost per leads in automated fashion

Sales scripts for wholesale and retail

Sales process for phone and in person appointments

Deal analyzer spreadsheets

Multi family deal analyzer spreadsheet

Hiring Scripts

Job ad posts

The simplest and most effective follow up process (Both wholesale and retail)

Inside look at our CRM and Dialer use for our sales people

CEO dashboard spreadsheet

Hiring Retail Agents if looking to implement Realtors


Online 🙂 Once you sign up you will get a link.

November 6th is the first one.

Wholesalers/Agents/Brokers who have experience in Real estate. Must have 20 hours per week to dedicate to the business. And must have $3k per month in Marketing.

Completely new agents or investors.

They will be recorded and you will have access all the time.

YES in the live training or when you sign up. There will be Q&A in the beginning and end of every call you will have access to my email and Slack group. Ask away!

Yes the live trainings are LIVE not pre-recorded.

Forever and ever.

They will be recorded for you and in the online portal.

Yes we will provide a guideline of how to make it work or partner with the right wholesaler.

Still works. My secret is I am not licensed either and own the Brokerage. I'll show you how.



The Next online training session is November 6th...





I thought the mini-course was of tremendous value for the price. It is a quick accelerator to get a handle on the wholesale side of the business. Most important for me was the contracts and pricing analysis.

  • Daniel, from Cespedes Realty