EP #101 How do I sell to my buyers follow these 4 steps

Quick one, what do you typically tell your sellers in order to buy wholesale from them? When it comes to buying wholesale from your buyers, there is the dumb way to do it and the smart way to do it. So what is the 4 step process you can follow. First, you need to know what not to do. Don’t just show up (I mean, of course, you do have to show up but you have to show up smartly). So, how can you show up smartly? What are the steps to follow in order to sell to your buyers. Of course, all the stages are important but this first one goes a long way in determining if you’ll get the deal.

– You have to set the stage. How do you set the stage with the seller and your buyer? 

– Ask the seller if the tenant know they’re selling.

– Get someone on your side there – if you leave far, you’d need to get someone on your side there even after you’ve done a virtual showing.

– Limit communication with tenant and buyer. Why should you do this even if the ‘situation’ for the deal is good?

Listen to the episode to get the bonus tip on how to limit competition from other buyers.

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