EP #49 Flip Hacking and How in 1 Click he can Beat your Best Call Center with Josh Gayman

Joshua got his Arizona Real Estate License in 2009 and Immediately Began Investing. He Wholesaled Over 50 transactions in His First Year and Began to Fix and Flip As Well.  In 2012, Josh Bought His First Rental Property. By 2015, Josh Shifted Focus to Wholesale & Long Term Passive Income Through Rentals. In 2016 Josh SHOCKED the Real Estate World With the Famous “Cold Calling On Steroids.” This Product Revolutionized Real Estate Marketing Costs for Investors Around the Country.
Josh was Recognized as One of the 100 Most Influential Real Estate Agents in 2017 for His Recognition in Wholesaling and Cold Calling.

Key Takeaways:

Josh specialises in something called “Cold Calling On Steroids.” It’s just not cold calling but massive cold calling with multiple warm leads! Josh left his job as a car salesman in 2008 and was able to utilise his sales knowledge and scale his startup real estate business. However, it is almost impossible to scale business with sales and no marketing. After a few years, Josh decided to invest in marketing so he can gain enough leads and prevent his RE business avoid folding. How did Josh get into real estate? How did Josh kickstart his real estate business when it began to go downhill? What is Josh’s secret sauce as a wholesaler? How Josh has evolved his cold calling marketing strategies to achieve profitable leads? Why commitment is important to grow your real estate business. Commitment is the first step to ensure your real estate business does not fail. Josh shares what he thinks the future of wholesaling will be after the Covid-19. What’s next for Josh? Josh talks about the value of realtors and future

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Do you believe the right strategies can help you get your business to where you want to go? Learn more about Cold Calling On Strategies to see how we can help you scale your life and business!

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