EP #52 Shortcuts on Personal Brand and How to Scale Digital Media with Brandon Gil

Brandon Gil is a digital marketing expert that uses social platforms to create strategies that help business owners get their brands to where they want it to be. After three years of successfully helping startups scale, he wanted to challenge himself by opening Gil Ventures – a holding company for private and public companies that use innovation to enhance the human condition through emerging concepts and industries.

Key Takeaways:

When it comes to increasing the awareness of your business, especially a start-up, it is very important to have an image of who you are and what you do. Because giving a personal identity to your brand is one of the various ways to set it up for success! How did Brandon get started in digital marketing? Brandon didn’t immediately start off as an entrepreneur instead, he learned by observation in order to make his experience as an entrepreneur worthwhile and successful. What is the most common misconception of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship? Brandon shares some tips on the power of transition and development. It is important to give your business time to develop instead, you’ll be setting it up for failure. How can you capitalize on your mistakes especially as a start-up entrepreneur? What is personal branding? Why is personal branding important for your business? What are some of the things you can do in order to give your business an identity? What makes a top brand distinct from other brands? What are some of the strategies Brandon uses to outreach a start-up? There are so many myths involved in how to successfully advertise your content thus, there is a lack of oneness between your brand, content, and growth. Brandon focuses on and encourages diversity between your social platforms and your ad expectations. Why are partners a vital part of your business? What are some of the reasons business partnerships fail? You must always avoid the blame game when it comes to partnership. In a business partnership, it is important to regard your partner as a necessary, complementary part of the business growth. How can you keep your business transparent and stronger during the pandemic? Brandon talks about how you should communicate with your team in order to ensure their maximum input and output.

Mentioned in this episode:

How to get started as an entrepreneur and scale your start-up business. If you are looking to take the leap and really learn what it takes to scale and brand your business, follow the link below to learn more about how to digitally market your brand.

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