EP #53 Steak Salesman to 10 Deals Per Month in Jacksonville with James Hawk

James has been in real estate investing since 2010. He has bought and sold over 90 million dollars in residential and commercial real estate. James currently owns and operates a mufti-million-dollar real estate investing business and real estate brokerage in North Florida. James’ marketing strategies and systems are what have enabled the company to purchase close to 1000 properties and counting. His success in real estate has led to helping others in real estate investing as well. James’ released the premier software (REI Automator) for real estate investors and wholesalers that uses technology as an unfair advantage for users. He currently coaches and mentors many successful companies in the industry as well.

Key Takeaways:

Before venturing into the real estate world, you might have referred to James as a “Jack of many trades, master of none but better than the master of one”. Dropped out of high-school, worked at a construction company, a steel company and a soul dish seller, James is, nevertheless, committed to whatever he decides to do. How does commitment determine the results you produce in your business? You won’t be doing yourself any favors if you do not commit to whatever business you get into. As a wholesaler and flipper, James opines that you are the only variable in making your business fail or grow. What is the importance of having a cushion if you plan to quit a venture for another? Of course, the biggest rewards come from the biggest risks but, the worst results also come from the biggest risks too! It is very important to take calculative risks. Why is it important to put a number on your goal? What is the difference between virtual and non-virtual investing? How should you integrate both in your business? James focuses on unity in diversity among the two. The pandemic has led to an abrupt change and only those who are prepared will be able to survive the change. James talks about how successfully adapting to, especially, virtual investing might be the only way to save your investing business right now. What are some of the strategies James uses to get deals during this pandemic? Using social platforms, especially Facebook marketplace, to find virtual and non virtual deals has helped James create new connections and find more deals. How can you provide a better seller experience that places you above your competition? Why is tech important to the scale of your real estate business? Why does James make use of an automation software to convert leads? James asserts that the tech shift in the real estate market has been happening for years and those who can’t adapt, may be forced to fold. It is very important to be productive and not busy so you can focus on activities with high ROI. What’s James’ advice for having a role model? What are some of the things you should look out for before you regard someone as your role model? James emphasizes the necessity of changing role models as you pass through different growth stages in your business. This is important in order to avoid the clash of conflicting ideas. Thus, you must be able to identify what you need so you can find who you need. Why you should avoid chasing after experts as role models and focus on those that resonate with you.

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