EP #54 My Most Successful Student and How He Did it with Robert De La Riva

Robert De La Riva is a wholesale investor who has actively been in real estate investing for more than 4 years. He started off as a passive flipper and has since began to expand his knowledge on real estate and also focus on a niche. He is currently a metal trader as well as a successful real estate investor.

Key Takeaways:

“Don’t get to caught up on what marketing channel works or what list is hot or working. It’s all about how consistent you are“ How did Robert get started in real estate? Robert got started by taking the leap. It was all very handoff, at first because, he wasn’t interested in being a full time investor but just getting some cash returns on the investments he made. Robert made a transition from medicine to finance and finally, real estate. He had no professional knowledge of real estate investing but still invested in various family homes and rentals. How was he able to do it? Making the transition wasn’t the hardest part for Rob but getting settled in his new venture was a big challenge. Rob asserts the importance of having a coach or a mentor, someone who knows it better than you do, in whatever business you decide to invest in. Investing in any type of property is how Robert started but, how did Robert get started in wholesaling? After a few years of being a passive investor, Robert decided to reach out to a coach, Raul. Robert goes on to talk about the need to self invest. You need to invest your time in courses, activities and people that will increase your knowledge. What was Robert’s first deal? How did Robert get his first deal as an active wholesale investor? What are some of the things that newbies do that limit their success? You may have the knowledge and the coach but, do you have the mindset? Nothing takes the zeal out of a deal like fear. Robert talks about the importance of the right mindset in order to take away those limits that can affect your deal. You have to make the call, set that appointment and close that deal! What is price anchoring? Price anchoring is the practice of establishing a price point which clients can refer to when making decisions. How did Robert use a price anchor to secure his first deal? What are some of the habits that helped Robert achieve his goal in his business? When you venture into something new, you can forget or lose your bearings but, the best habits to achieve your goals is to make a routine that works for you. How did Robert create a routine that worked perfectly for all his businesses? The most important things in the real estate business that cause an increase in your ROI.

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How to get started and scale your wholesale business. If you are looking to take the leap and really learn this business online, get started at Wholesale Mastery.

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