EP #56 How Belief and Consistency Pays Off From Wholesaler to Investorfuse CRM partner Carlos Zamora

Carlos Zamora is a wholesaler and co-founders of Investorfuse. A lead management CRM designed to help investors close more deals through automation and time-saving technology. For the first time ever, your tasks, texts, emails, autoresponders, incoming phone and website leads, contract PDFs, comp reports, Slybroadcast voicemails, electronic signatures, physical mail, and many more features will be completely built-in with no technical ability or 3rd party integrations required. Not even email.

Key takeaways:

Who is Carlos Zamora and what does his business look like today? How was Carlos able to merge real estate with the saas industry? Carlos did not just create a wholesaling business but he also created a software that helps investors manage their real estate business. What is Shiny Object syndrome? How is Carlos able to manage multiple investments at a time? Carlos shares some of his consistency practices that aid in him doing the least amount of work to get the most result. Why does Carlos consider the “why”as an important part of business identity? Carlos talks about how understanding your why will help keep you in line with your goals and also help in achieving those goals. Carlos continues to consistently build his mindset so he can focus on the productivity in his business and personal life. What is the similarity between wholesalers that do well and their strategy? What is social proof and why must you build social proof? Why does Carlos think about people who are consistent and belief in their business but, give up or don’t see results right away? Carlos asserts that they don’t have enough specialized knowledge or number of encounters to gets a lot of deal under contract or enough money to fund their lifestyle. What is self-automation? How self automation can aid in building the mindset you need for success in your business.

Mentioned in this episode:

Are you an investor looking to keep all your investing business in one place? Are you having a hard time being consistent in your business management? Do you want to know how to get started and scale your wholesale business? If you are looking to take the leap and really learn this business online, get started at Wholesale Mastery. 

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