EP #60 Cutting the learning curve with 20 Years of Experience FlipMan

Philip “Flip” Zweig is the founder of Flippin America, has been investing, making money and teaching his investors how to flip homes throughout Arizona. His investors have come from Arizona, California, Indiana, Illinois, New York, Canada, England, and other areas throughout the world. He has been instrumental in buying, selling, lending, rehabbing, and managing millions of dollars in real estate. Providing homes for many families in Arizona.

Key takeaways:

Your real estate business can not be successful, either passively or actively, if you do not understand how it works or what you ought to do. Flip is a successful real estate mentor, coach and investor with over 20 years of experience under his belt! How did Flip get started in real estate? It is important to understand that amongst other notable factors, education plays an important role in successfully starting and running that real estate business. What has been the hardest part of his journey? Flip states that learning the importance of control and how to leverage your time cannot be exaggerated. You’ve just got to know when to stop. What does Flipman’s business look like right now? Apart from a professional degree, what kind of education can startup investors garner to aid their journey? Flip shares his ideas based on the current period. He believes that social media can be used as a great leverage for startups to at least, understand what kind of world they are about to venture into. What are some of the biggest lessons Flip learned in his 20+ years in the market? Why is the corona a “hiccup” to successful investors? Flip shares the kind of mindset successful investors have, when cycles change, to keep them going in the right direction. Some of the ideologies you ought to kick out before and after you start investing in real estate. 

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