EP #61 Employees Golden Nuggets with Eduardo Mualim

Eduardo Mualim is a real estate professional dedicated to finding the ideal home for the home buyer, seller or renter. He specializes in the South Florida community. Eduardo started his career of real estate 12+ years ago exceeding goals and providing superior, personal customer service. He has approached the challenges of real estate with creativity, integrity and intensity.
Eduardo has helped hundreds of savvy real estate investors capitalize on opportunities large and small, from one-bedroom condominiums to commercial spaces for hundreds of employees and from exclusive luxury properties to Foreclosures and Short Sales. He is always adapting to the ever-changing scene as well as maximizing opportunities for clients in the current economic environment.

Key Takeaways:

Having the wrong team members with a great strategy often leads to disastrous results. Eduardo has started, joined and managed businesses in various niches with national and international employees. His first business involved him importing goods from Columbia to sell in America. So, what exactly makes Eduardo’s real estate business different? His experience, his team and his model. How did Eduardo get started in real estate? Eduardo’s path wasn’t set for him to pick up instead, he learned from school, his business experiences prior to real estate. How was Eduardo’s experience able to influence his real estate business? Eduardo states that although it may seem like the learning stage from whatever you have done, are doing or about to do may seem long, it is actually quite fast as every little experience or knowledge equips you with what you need to successfully run that business. What does his business look like right now? Although he started with only rentals, he, after two years, decided to move to wholesaling. What is Eduardo’s business model? He started his real estate business as a virtual one and has gone on to begin his physical office while retaining the virtual one. How does he make his business run successful with employees in other continents? What are some of the stereotypes attached to his having employees from different continents doing coldcalling and other important tasks and how does he eradicate them? How is Eduardo able to keep accountability among his numerous virtual employees? What was Eduardo’s mistake Eduardo made in his real estate business? Having a negative mindset to risk. You must take risks regardless of who you are, how you learn, how long you learn, risk tolerance is important. Also, you must learn to take consistent action. Why you need a mentor. It’s important to remember that regardless of what you do, it takes a while to make money. Be patient.

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