EP #62 From $2k in Bank Account to over $200k per month Wholesaling Virtually with Brandyn Schwalm

Brandyn Schwalm is a real estate entrepreneur who after doing 50 rehabs in 2017, all virtual, got completely worn out from flipping and focuses primarily on wholesaling.

Key takeaways:

The first thing to know about every business, especially real estate, is success doesn’t come overnight. Since he was 18, Brandyn adopted the entrepreneur mindset. How did Brandyn transition to real estate from network marketing? How was Brandyn able to fund his business, when he got started, with a little over $1,000? How was Brandyn able to keep his business moving during this COVID period? Business is not just about the person that formed it, but also the members that give it their value. What was one of Brandyn’s biggest challenges, in wholesaling, when he got started? Although it may seem like an “unimportant” factor, paying yourself is a very delicate subject in the real estate. Brandyn got obsessed with making, at least, $20k-$30k per month. How was he able hurdle that challenge? What strategy does Brandyn use to close deals? You should learn how to buy homes that are subject to existing mortgage. How did Brandyn go from $800 in his bank account to $15k? Paying attention to calculated risks and confidently taking those calculated risk will definitely aid in increasing your earnings. How is Brandyn dealing with employees during the COVID period? Hiring based on demand is a very important, but ignored area in wholesaling. You don’t need 50 people before you start making profit. What does Brandyn’s journey to 9 figures look like right now? What is the smartest way to buy rentals without much money? If you are looking to get a deal with only a couple hundred dollars available, then you should listen to how Brandyn does it! Remember, in real estate, it is very important to be around people who have similar goals as you, because that influences you to get going.

Mentioned in this episode:

How to get started and scale your wholesale business. If you are looking to take the leap and really learn this business online, get started at Wholesale Mastery

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