EP #66 How Brian Manley got Fired and Profited on his first Fix and Flip

Brian Manley is a real estate investor who has been actively involved in the real estate world for more than 5 years. He continues to focus on the digital part of real estate while closing deals and helping others close their deals too!

Key takeaways:

Brian transitioned from a job with a call centre to pharmaceutical sale. With that transition, he got a little bit of freedom and began to think maybe he didn’t have to 9-5 pm. So how did Brian get started in real estate? He was hired to build a new territory but, they found someone who had more experience and was going to take less money than what he and his pals were asking. So, he got fired. However, when things change, you either adapt or you fail and, Brian adapted. That was when he began to think of real estate. How did Brian get started in real estate? He dabbled with rentals and then, fix and flips. He and his partner’s first flip cost 405k and they had no experience. However, even though they didn’t lose immediately they lost about 40k because of the “agent” they got the first one from. One of the important things is that although he started as an inexperienced investor, lost a lot of money, he kept on going to the next play and learning from all his mistakes. What does Brian business look like now? With a virtual team consisting of a CFO, acquisitions managers, an agent and four VA’s, Brian and his team continue to manage and close deals in locations near and far away. Why did Brian go completely virtual? He decided to go virtual when he got a call for a deal although he was so far away, he made sure to not lose that deal because of location. You need to also understand and appreciate the importance of masterminds. How did Brian get started with PPC for his real estate business? Brian states that as a startup, if you don’t have the money to do ads, just don’t do it. It’s all about being completely dedicated to what you do and being able to financially invest what you can in what you do. What are some things Brian says you need to invest your money for your real estate business? You need to invest in things like a website, a unique website and PPC and CPC if you can. What is Brian’s take on social platforms like Facebook? It’s pretty cheap and sometimes, anything that’s cheap the more you’ve got to decipher the ads by pushing through. What does Brian say about cash flow? With a hundred million dollars, what does Brian think? He gives some really good insight on what you can do to improve your business with or without a hundred million dollars! Should you drive for dollars? What is Brian’s advice to real estate investors on closing their first deal? Don’t get hung up on trying to convince someone to seek their house. Find someone that has a problem and wants you to fix it! Don’t forget, you need to create that freedom for yourself so you can focus on the stuff with higher ROI.

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