EP #67 Wholesalers are Antiquated. This is what Saved Me

In this episode, Raul shares tips on how to make profit from that business you have successfully started.

Key takeaways:

Sometimes, it’s not about starting that business, it’s about how to run that business passionately and make it profitable (for both you and the business). In this episode, you’ll learn how to make more money by utilizing licensed real estate agents in your business. Why is having the necessary or right individuals in your real estate not enough to keep your finances positive? How can you make your business profitable while letting go of some of the “supposed” right individuals and tools? You should effectively review your business expenses, so you are not doing something or keep someone that does not give you profit. How can a different wholesale system change the trajectory of your real estate profit? What is the one shift Raul made in his business that made it capitalizable? He began with by going virtual with his team and he hired real estate agents to make profit from bringing profit. He took his business overseas, effectively reviewed everything and everyone connected with the business, and that cut his expenses and increased productivity in his wholesale business. Remember, not everything or every skill you spend your money on creates or brings back profit to your business.

Mentioned in this episode:

How to make profit in your real estate business. Want to know what Raul’s system looks like today? Check out his profile with the link below! If you are looking to take the leap and really learn this business online, get started at Wholesale Mastery


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