EP #70 Wholesaling Virtual vs In Person, the 2 things you need to make it work with Undrea King

Undrea King is the Founder and Co-Owner of Drayco Properties, a real estate investment company, located in the Houston, Texas area. They primarily focus on acquiring single family real estate. Undrea is also Co-Host of the Wholesale Nation Podcast which focuses on giving their audience the tools necessary to have a success real estate business along with weekly expert interviews

Key Takeaways:

“80% of your deals come from follow ups and a bad follow up system will ensure you waste tons of money”. What kind of growth and contractions have been going on in Undrea’s real estate business? The hard time employees had going completely virtual was one of the challenges Undrea hurdled in his business. What was the biggest challenge undress team members faced when they transitioned to virtual? A lot of his team members didn’t want to adapt to a virtual workplace and so left the team. To Undrea, it is always important to work with high achievers. It wasn’t entirely COVID so, why did Undrea go virtual? Undrea explains the importance of expanding your marketplace without having to be physically present all the time. Are you having a hard time transitioning or even fitting your business into the virtual workplace? How does Undrea ensure that being virtual doesn’t affect his real estate business? He ensures his online leads don’t fail by ensuring his follow ups don’t fall behind. How does he do that? What does Undrea’s company’s culture look like? He supports the work-balance lifestyle that ensures he and his employees don’t have any kind of friction with their personal and business life. What kind of investment does Undrea make towards wholesale education? He teaches the significance of both the mental and the physical aspects of wholesaling. The more He teaches, the more he does some kind of check and balance of his own business. Why are masterminds worth attending? Undrea shares the mindset he has when he attends a mastermind. You shouldn’t look at it as just learning but also a networking event. 

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How to get started and scale your wholesale business during this crisis. If you are looking to take the leap and really learn this business online, get started at Wholesale Mastery

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