EP #72 $700k in Wholesale Fees from Kitchen Table in Tampa Fl with Brett Buras

Brett Buras is a real estate investor who leverages his marketing expertise to create off-market, discounted real estate opportunities for his company and other real estate investors resulting in nearly 100 real estate transactions – buy and hold, buy and flip and wholesaling. Brett is also the owner and founder of Buras Property Investments, Montgomery Holdings and Superior Real Estate Solutions.

Key takeaways:

‘You have to be really careful with the trends sway in this biz. There’s always a new wave – cold calling, texting, emails – but you have to pick something that’s good for your business and your personality, and stick with it.’ Brett quit to college to make his innovative idea for New Orleans a reality. Just like nearly every other investor, he made some money and lost some but, he still remained dedicated.  How did Brett get started in wholesaling? After the crash, he left real estate -where he was focused mainly on rentals- to sales and marketing. He spent 8yrs in marketing and before he got introduced to wholesaling. What helped Brett take that leap after the crash? How did Brett begin his journey as a wholesaler? He started studying about wholesaling from books and it took a while, about 3 months, before he got his first deal. What does his business look like right now? He and his wife manages the business, virtually. How has Brett and his wife continued to create a synergy that lets them separate work and family but, still crush both of them? Brett talks about the importance of considering and respecting each other’s perspective. What are some of the mistakes Brett has made on his journey as a wholesaler? He didn’t give people room to grow because of the kind of expectations he had from them. Brett asserts that although it might be scary having people who are not as perfect as you want working on a high transactional business, committing to their growth goes a long way in ensuring your own business growth. How does Brett seal the deal with his potential sellers? Brett talks about mindset and how important it is to know you have no control over a seller only an influence. Why do you need a mentor? Having a lot of energy without a mentor is almost as good as useless. You need someone who will teach you to channel that energy to close your deals. However, you’ve got to remember that good things take time and posed with the current situation, you shouldn’t let the after effects of the pandemic coerce you to quit.

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How to get started and scale your wholesale business during this crisis. If you are looking to take the leap and really learn this business online, get started at Wholesale Mastery

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