EP #73 10 Hours Per Week To More Conversions

I this week’s episode, Raul talks about Leads and how to ensure all leads – even the nurture and dead ones – are productive. 

Key takeaways:

Lead conversion is usually the smoke but, you don’t need just the smoke, you need the fire. What do you do to your nurture leads or your dead leads? What are some of the hurdles you face if you’re not converting leads? You’ll be unmotivated because your business is left standing on one spot and this definitely affects you, your employees and your finances. How do you convert your leads, especially the dead ones? Get all your leads in a dialler database and follow up all kind of leads especially the dead leads. Why should you follow up on dead leads or nurture leads? Have an assistant follow up and set appointments on the dead or nurture leads for at least, 10hrs a week. No lead is actually dead because of no response. A lead is only dead when you allow it to be dead.

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