EP #74 Money Management and how that is the TRUE Freedom under 30 years old with Greg Helbeck

Greg Helbeck is a real estate investor that specializes in helping homeowners sell properties on their terms. He is not just an investor but also a problem solvers who spends an adequate amount of time to create a valuable blueprint to tackle any issue. 

Key takeaways:

Securing new deals at a much faster rate is such a huge freedom for a lot of investors and that’s why private lenders should always be an option. Who is a private money lender? Why does Greg say that private money lenders are really valuable to an investor? Because they give you options. What is the best way to get money from a private money lender? Greg asserts that private lenders usually don’t have a problem with funding an investor who has a good deal. So, start with securing the deal before going on to get a lender. What is the best way to find a private money lender? Greg talks about word of mouth method and just asking on social platforms. What if there’s no wholesaling in the next 5 years, what next for Greg? Greg explains how he’ll convert the skills he’s got from real estate and elsewhere to build an online consulting. What does it mean to allocate cash in your real estate business and why is it so important? What strategy does Greg use to allocate cash for his business? He takes about 25% of the amount for tax, takes a huge sum for savings, takes some for the company and employees, another for personal expenses and some for ‘the give money’. Most people fail to smartly allocate the cash incurred in their business and before long, they are faced with financial issues. What does Greg’s business look like right now? He is still investing in different markets such as the New York, San Diego, Iowa and Oklahoma, but there’s a decrease in closing of deals due to COVID. Nevertheless, he is still expanding his market and testing new strategies at these markets. When it comes to leads, what does Greg think? Greg’s approach is to always diversify any strategy in order to get multiple outputs. What next for Greg’s real estate business? Greg shares the importance of cracking the internet marketing code in order to provide value to his business and business and getting good at digital marketing. 

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