EP #83 If Your Doing Deals You Need to Hire this Person

Have you been wholesaling and not making any money or not having enough time to do other things that’ll help your business grow? Then this episode is for you! The thing about a good real estate business is you need to be able to outsource. Not just outsource, but outsource at the right time. The first and most important person you’d want to hire is an assistant. Do you have an assistant? It could be an in person or a virtual assistant. Are you wondering why you need an assistant and not a real estate agent to help you get started with your deals? An assistant will do nearly everything that is taking your time, giving you the opportunity to focus on tasks with higher ROI. So, if you have more time to focus on task with higher ROI, don’t you think you’ll get the most out of your deals?

Mentioned in this episode:

How you can focus on tasks with high(er) by hiring an assistant. If you are looking to take the leap and really learn this business online, get started at Wholesale Mastery.


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