EP #84 Sales Process to Convert More Leads into Deals Today

Are you wholesaling and not getting a lot of leads or making a lot of money? Then you’ve got to listen to this episode to ensure you sales process is converting your leads into deals. I mean, it’s one thing to produce but another to convert those leads into deals. So what do you need to do to convert your leads? At the end of this episode, you’ll get the sales process you need to be able to successfully convert your leads. Don’t worry, if you’ve not managed to get leads, you can still bookmark this video for later! Okay, back to the process. What does a successful sales process look like? How can you convert your leads to deals? Every successful wholesaler needs to be able to create a sales process that converts at least ninety percent of their leads to deals because any little mistake can cause your deal to go side ways. Here are the top three sales process steps you can use to convert deals:

– Motivation

– Deal killers

– Presenting your 

You need to not just get the deal but also sign the deal. With these process, you are sure to convert your deals into leads without the hassle of trying awaken dead leads.

Mentioned in this episode:

How you can focus on tasks with high(er) by hiring an assistant. If you are looking to take the leap and really learn this business online, get started at Wholesale Mastery


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